Our Story

Some years ago, Rob and Jane at the end of a magnificent dinner in Le Marche, Italy found four bottles plonked on the table-grappa, amaro, limoncello and a mysterious fourth one containing a dark purplish red liquid. It turned out to be the sublime cherry-infused dessert wine called Visciolata made with visciola sour cherries combined with cabernet sauvignon. 
Not long after Rob and Jane met the Cardinali family in Serra de' Conti, a beautiful medieval hill-top village. Using an ancient family recipe, the family had recently started commercial production of the wine and their smooth almondy cherry acquavite. Rob and Jane were determined to bring these unique drinks to the UK market.
The first part of our name -Serra- is taken from the name of the town where our flagship drink, Visciolata del Cardinale, is produced. The second part derives from the great Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci who was obviously very fond of cherries as he used them in a number of his pictures and he was born in Florence not that far from Serra de' Conti. And if you look at our logo it is made up of cherries as a tribute to our very special cherry wine.
Some years after meeting the Cardinalis, Rob and Jane met a producer making a range of stunning liqueurs in Acqualagna- nothing to do with cherries but niche and innovative drinks that look and taste fabulous. These are now being produced exclusively for Serravinci.